What Is 2 Gals?

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1st off, welcome to the new website of 2 Gals Homesteading.

Carol has been admin’ing her homesteading skills Facebook Group, since 2011. We thought it was time to add a little personality to the community. There are WAY too many stale/institutional homesteading pages and groups out there and we didn’t want this one to remain one of them.

Only recently did we both think we should have a community page about 2 Gals and how we practice homesteading. I live in town. Carol lives in the country. Town or country homesteading is still homesteading.

So, why now?

Carol became interested in freeze drying after a few mentions from me (Jamie). Her and her husband started looking into it. We have both been practicing homesteaders for years… but freeze drying added a whole new spin on it. It was closer to longterm prepping mentality than we usually get.

Then a few days back, Carol messages me, “Are you really interested in freeze drying? We need to talk… NOW!”

About a week later, (last night really). Carol orders a Harvest Right Freeze dryer.

And now we’re here.

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