Ep. 01 – Do You Know How To Find The Perfect Watermelon? – 2 Gals and The Ripe Watermelon



We are talking about freeze dryers and water melon.

When you’re stranded along the interstate and a semi-truck full of watermelons stops and offers to teach you about watermelons, the driver pretty much has you as a captive audience. Learn everything Carol knows about how to tell if your watermelon is ripe and how to choose a sweet, ripe melon on the grocery store.

Carol and Jamie also talk about their initial experences with their Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. They also take a question from Facebook’s Small Farm, Sustainability & Homestead Living Group. Becky asks about how to indentify a ripe watermelon. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SmallFarm/posts/10162073122983065/)


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